Photographing lifelong memories should not just feel like another slot in someone else’s day. That’s why I’m here. I want to capture your day with the real emotions: the tears when you’re getting married, the smile when you’re graduating, and the laughs with your friends and family. I love conveying joy in stories through lifelong lasting images. I get to watch your confidence grow, tell your story, and be your biggest hype gal!

I am a storyteller

About me

Mugby Coffee
The Ocean
Golden Hour
BUllet Journaling

Some of My Favorite Things

I take a directive approach to guiding my clients. I don’t do prompts nor poses. This way, I am able to show stories that are candid and journalistic even when you do not know how to act around a camera.

I value getting to know everyone that stumbles in front of my camera. I like taking the time to chat first before a session, or maybe even grabbing a meal together outside the time. I intend to photograph the real version of you.

My Philosophy

Heyyy, it's Nat!
I am a huge extrovert that loves coffee, sunsets and the beach. I live in Minneapolis, but I was raised all the way in the PNW: Tacoma, Washington! I graduated from Winona State University in Creative Digital Media, and I minored in journalism, creative writing, and dance! I love writing books, taking jazz funk classes, and flying to new places.

My love for photography actually started with designing book covers! I wanted to learn how to create my own art for books I wrote. By the time I was nineteen, I was photographing weddings.

Your new taurus third wheel!

You're doing great, Sweetie!

Natalie gave us great direction with her prompts and the feedback she gave while taking the photos was hilarious. She made it so easy to be in front of the camera (especially when we were both a little nervous to start!). Oh my gosh I literally LOVE THEM ALL!! I can't wait to see the rest!! I've been smiling and happy crying all day just thinking about this! Thank you so much!!

-- Alyssa Blair

It's even better than I could have imagined!

"Natalie made my senior pictures feel like an experience. I showed up not knowing what to expect and she took control getting me comfortable with different prompts and correcting things I maybe would have overlooked like my shirt being tucked or my hair flipping. She didn’t make it feel like just another slot in her time she really made sure to prioritize the quality of my pictures and time!

-- Peyton Welinski

An Experience

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