For the destination couples that want to travel or elope, destination weddings are my thing!!

I am a traveler at heart, and I will go anywhere your love story is being told! I want to capture all destination wedding love stories, whether that is in Minnesota or Europe! In the past, I have traveled since I was a kid! My mom works with United Airlines, so going on airplanes has always been like second nature to me! 

Storytelling Everywhere

Destination Weddings

Extra fees might include some Lyft or Uber charges to and from location(s) from lodging stay. Depending on given location, there might be more additional charges that come up.

Extra Fees

In addition to transportation, I do ask that all lodging services are provided for me (and second if services include one).


Because of my family benefits in United airline industry, I get to travel free! However, because I fly standby, please keep in mind to ensure I get there on time, I need to be flown out days ahead.


Things to Consider

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