Ice Castle Creative Shoot 2017: Lensaa

As many of you all know, I love doing creative shoots. It’s usually an idea or concept that I admire at first, and then I consider making an actual shoot of it. I usually offer them for free on my social medias and such just because I really have no idea how it will turn out, or if it would even be worth someone’s money. Most of the time they are free, and I actually enjoy it because to me- it just broadens up my experiences more with people and opens up another door to new artistic inspirations of mine.

Last Winter, my uncle had told me about a location with ice castles in Stillwater, Minnesota. Recently, at the time, I was seeing many images with backgrounds of snow, and I had yet to do any kind of shoot with snow surrounding a subject. I had tweeted around the end of January last year if anyone was interested in a free photoshoot. I didn’t want to give any surprise away yet of what I wanted it to be. Lensaa had come up to me in school, told me she was interested, and when I told her the concept I was considering, she offered to model for me.

This was the first time I was at Stillwater. It’s a very pretty area, and the space with Ice Castles was a lot smaller than I had thought. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite creative shoots. The jewels on Lensaa’s face in some of the pictures were some pieces my mom had let me borrow from her art studio. She is a painter, and will generally put small sentimental pieces on her artworks.

When we went around the circular paths, little kids had came up to Lensaa and had asked her if she was a princess. It was the most adorable thing, and adults had asked for her to take pictures with them and such. (Later when we went to the center, we had found out the place had paid for professional princesses for the kids there, oops.)

Lensaa was beautiful. I loved shooting with her, and she was incredibly patient with me and the cold. It’s one of the shoots a lot of people have heard of me from last year, and I am so so thankful. This year, I was able to go back and re-edit through Lightroom, and Photoshop. Here are my favorites!


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