Prom 2018: Sophiya Temke

This year, I have been trying to find new clients to work with, and it’s hard balancing school, and trying to start a creative business at the same time. I am based out of Winona during most of the year now, so even trying to find a way back to the cities can be difficult. I would love to make my business accessible to anyone who wants images done. I love traveling anyways, and this is a perfect excuse to do so!

Emily Temke reached out to me over Facebook, and asked if I wanted to do her daughter’s prom pictures. They were located close to home, so I was even able to go back for a weekend and visit my family. The images were of Sophiya, her date- Cody Bryans, and their parents.

I love prom. I love the big poofy dresses, and the extra work put in with the hair and make-up. It’s only one night, and it doesn’t need to be perfect, but the big picture always turns out to be beautiful no matter what the outcome is. I hope these images prove that idea is correct! Cody and Sophiya are a lovely couple, and I hope the rest of their event was fantastic!

We love the pictures, Natalie did a great job!

– Emily Temke




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