Chicago, Illinois: Summer 2018

This is more of a personal post, which I don’t do on this website very often. However, I want that to change, so I figured I could start sharing things through my travels! I share many shoots on my website here, but I take pictures every day. Many of these images are from traveling. I love seeing new places, finding new locations, and wandering aimlessly in no direction. I would love to go every where eventually.

I go to Illinois often, so this probably won’t be the last post from there. I have family in Naperville I visit all the time, but my sister recently figured out she will be attending Columbia College Chicago next fall. This week we went there to see her new school and look at cool apartments for her in the city.

The school is amazing. It’s in the middle of downtown, next to the lake, and surrounded by tons of coffee shops. All liberal arts, my sister is studying music. I found majors students can receive there fascinating- from poetry writing to acting, specifically stunt-doubles, Columbia is like a true art school. I’m really happy for my sister.

Of course, I bring my camera every where I go. Being the photographer in the family, either my mom or sister will ask me to take a picture of them at the ideal locations we stop at. This can be a blessing, but also a curse. I love taking portraits, and while traveling, I feel like I am able to be more creative on them.

While editing these pictures, I was trying to create a new preset for myself that can be my “go-to.” I want to find a theme for my edits- something that will show how I really see the world. I am learning that it’s not truly an art until I show my editing style as well. I love bright images with a tint of orange! I love the portraits that glow!



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