Creative 2018: Weekend with Gretchen

The weekend of July 7th I took off work from Subway, and I spent the night at Inver Grove Heights to see Gretchen Leif. Gretchen and I became close over the first year in college, and this was the first time I’ve seen her since! We were in a few activities together including Chi-Alpha and Her-Campus! It’s easy to converse with her, and we share multiple interests!

It was fantastic, really. She had the entire time there planned out. We spent our Saturday morning at Uptown where we got Sencha’s and tried Soho Cafe across the street, meeting an interesting stranger named Abdul who told us his life-story. We walked around the area for about another hour before we went back to her house to make berry smoothies. Gretchen made a lifestyle blog recently to share daily events. She bought herself a Canon camera and when I was with her, she took images of me, experimenting how to use it. I couldn’t tell if my tips were helpful or not however, because I use Nikon which is different than the brand Canon.

That night Gretchen’s friends and us went to Stillwater, Minnesota. We walked around around golden hour time, got ice cream, looked at some shops, and ate some pizza.

I wanted to share some images from the weekend because lately I’ve been playing with edits, trying to get more serious about a tone I would like to stick to. I’ve noticed many artists have a similar style they like to do, and while I love taking pictures of many things, I realized I love certain edits. The hardest thing I learned a photographer must decide is whether the temperature of an image is warm or cool. I figured warm is my favorite as of now because of my obsession with sunsets. The new preset I created worked perfectly with this shoot. Here are some of my images featuring my Dreaming Preset! I am posting a little more on this entry because many turned out fantastic!


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