Creative 2018: Tabatha and Mathilde

It’s hard for me to believe a year has passed since Mathilde and Tabatha were going to the same school as me. I met the two as foreign exchange students when we were all seniors in high school. I am leaving for college in about two weeks from now, and this last month they came to Minnesota to come visit! The two were here for about three weeks, and I know I saw them many times, but I don’t think it’ll ever be enough.

The third time we met up we did a fun photoshoot at Elm Creek. It was just for fun and giggles, but I thought I would document it and share the images here so I could share more of the preset I created this summer. Tabatha got a tattoo, so I took separate images for that also.

Looking at these images makes me feel happy, because I knew I would see them again, but I didn’t know how soon. Tabatha is staying for one more week, but I said goodbye to Mathilde a couple of days ago. I’m planning to study abroad in my junior year, so hopefully that will be the next time I see her (if not again next summer).


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