Senior 2019: Jason Hedtke

At the end of September, I found myself heading back to the cities and my hometown near Minneapolis so I could shoot for Jason’s senior images. We met in Minneapolis at the Stone Arch Bridge. He was looking for some nice daytime shots, and his family doesn’t go downtown very often. When I suggested the Stone Arch’s location, Jason said he wanted to shoot there immediately.

I was thrilled when Jason reached out to me for my services. He and his brother both wanted their senior shots done by me. We emailed for a while back and forth, planning the details to his shoot.

I hope that Jason had an amazing time in the shoot! I tried to help him as much as possible with poses and making sure he felt comfortable in front of a camera. He was a little bit nervous, but I thought having his brother and family with him put him at a little ease.

Jason likes fish and watching Youtube videos. He works at Kwik Trip and has a cute dog. He likes to collect items too, even if they may not be valuable. I hope his family and him enjoy the images I’ve created! You were such a joy to shoot!


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