Murtaugh Wedding: 10-6-18

The beginning of October this Fall, I got another amazing opportunity to work with Forrest Seuser. The last time I worked with Forrest, things went fantastic! I learned so much within a day, had fun, and got a chance to have a taste of what shooting a wedding was like! I learned shooting weddings is something I would love to do for a career.

The second wedding I shot with Forrest, however, was on homecoming. I was a little bit sad because I missed my Freshman year of Homecoming, so now I would be about to miss my Sophomore year of homecoming. I have two more years, but if I already missed two, I could definitely miss two more without even thinking about it. On the other end, shooting a wedding was way more important to me than watching an annual football game at my university.

The wedding was once again at Albert Lea, Minnesota. It was at a small park. The view was beautiful, but it was freezing. Before we left for the ceremony, we met the couple at their house.

Meet Mike Murtaugh and Laura Mae Olsen at the bride reveal!


Aren’t they adorable?

These two shared such a cute connection. Seeing them together had me in awe. I love sharing images of people in love.


I loved taking pictures of the friends and family also! It was cold, and everyone seemed to want to get the images done faster, so it was a push within time. Everyone was able to cooperate incredibly easily and it made the process even better for Forrest and I.


And of course, one of my favorite parts about weddings- the details!


Forrest and I were able to leave early from the reception and got back to Winona just in time for post-homecoming after events! I had such a blast with Forrest this day! The wedding seemed to go by fast, and once again, I shot a wedding! Here are some more additional images that I liked.

Special shoutout to Forrest Seuser! You are amazing! Thank you for introducing me into the world of photographing for weddings. I hope all is well, and that you don’t lose that big light of yours!


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