Creative Holiday Mini Sessions

The last few months of college this semester kept me incredibly busy. I was either studying for some test, or finishing up a paper for literary studies. Finals came and I realized I haven’t done a shoot for a while now. Christmas is just around the corner. I am home next to the tree my mom put up, listening to Pentatonix Mary Did You Know. Most of my finals were scattered last week. I took this opportunity to schedule my free time for mini sessions! These mini sessions were about 20-30 minutes, only 25 dollars for college students in Winona, Minnesota, and they got to keep 3-5 images, depending on how they turned out.

I made about five slots, and each of them got taken pretty quick. This was probably the lowest offer I’ll have this year. I have specials and referral deals next year, however, my regular prices will go up.

These sessions were so much fun! I like hearing what each customer wants in an image, or what they like. We’re all students, so it’s easy to relate to the stress finals can put on one. Hopefully, these sessions were a good study break for these ladies. I can’t share every image (Although I wish I could), but here are my favorites.



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