Dancescape 2019

     This year, I volunteered to take pictures of my college campus production, Dancescape, which is a modern-based dance concert. I watched ten and more performances of groups of dancers on stage, and had the opportunity to take pictures of their incredible art! As of right now, my special sale for dancers is ending. All you have to do is book by February 25th to receive 30 percent off! Originally, this sale was inspired by my experience in late January at Radix Dance Convention in Minneapolis. I love dancing myself, and I would love to be involved with creating memories for people who do the same thing. Being a dance minor, I was sent an email for volunteers to photograph the performance, and I took this opportunity to build my dance portfolio.

    The dancers worked very hard, and it showed in their performances. I am happy to have gotten this chance to show another kind of art through my own media. Here are some more pictures from their performance!

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