Senior 2020: Laura

I am not trying to be dramatic when I say that it feels like years since I’ve gotten to blog on my website. There have been some travel blogs that I had been behind on and I never got to share. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of events this summer that have kept me from focusing on work and photography. Last month I was in a car accident, where my vehicle ended up being totaled and I was physically okay. However, on a completely different note, I found out I needed another back procedure from my original spine fusion in 2013. This set me back a little bit, but during my procedure I was able to buy my full-frame, which was kind of a miracle at the time.

This is all important because Laura’s senior shoot was my very first shoot with the new full-frame! Originally, I was saving for the Nikon D750, but I couldn’t pass on the deal I was getting for the new Nikon D700. Speaking of deals, Laura booked her senior shoot during my special 50 off sale! She really snatched her opportunity, and as you can see- she did not come to play.

I actually met this queen at work in Subway! I am so used to seeing in her in a black sub shirt, so seeing her in this pretty dress with such beautiful scenery put me in such awe. Laura goes to Champlin Park high school and graduates in 2020. She told me she’s interested mostly in the University of Minnesota for college. I am excited to hear more about her life and where she ends up going for her career!

During her shoot, I also got to meet her mom, Dorica, and her little sister, (who I met earlier from work actually) Lena. I always ask if parents want a picture with their kids if they are there because it’s a big milestone in their life. Sadly, Lena didn’t want to join in.

My own mom was actually assisting me for this shoot. For 1) I don’t have a car at the moment, so scheduling around my mom’s work is a new thing. 2) After my back procedure, it was doctors orders I didn’t carry anything heavy. My backpack during sessions is PACKED with camera gear and little snacks or water bottles. My mom was a trooper keeping up with this session and the heat. It was nice to have an assistant throughout the day. She talked a lot to Dorica and learned their family is from Kenya! I love hearing the stories of people who I take pictures of. I felt bad, however, because Laura and I practically took off without them into the other side of the park for pictures. We met them halfway on the walk back and left our phones with them.

*Special Tip: Keep your phone always with you or your photographer. *

I guess there are always new things to learn. I felt like this location was perfect for senior pictures! Every spot was beautiful, I am sure she could’ve posed next to a trash can, and would have still made it look just as good. She had so many good ones- I will try to share the most I can!

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