2019 Wedding: Adam & Rebecca

It’s official!

Adam and Rebecca’s wedding is the first one that I have done all on my own! The first two weddings I did previously to this one were second shooting opportunities I was given by Forrest Seuser! The tension was at an all-time high as I realized I am the back-up and the first person relied on for pictures. These are wedding pictures, and with that said– it made it much more important to capture what is wanted. One thing that goes bad can turn the whole experience bad. I wanted to make sure Rebecca and Adam had an amazing night.

Throughout the afternoon, I stuck to Rebecca like glue.

It’s no secret that in every wedding, it’s beyond important to be close to the bride. The brides are usually the ones in charge, especially when it comes to the pictures and memories part of the night. I got to meet Rebecca earlier at a special consultation meeting we had together in Winona. I loved it because I got to know her and what she wanted for her special day. She told me about her dress and flower-crown, the venue, and some of the people she needed pictures with.

The most difficult part about it, however, was the directing. Here I was, twenty-years old, directing where the entire wedding party should go for pictures, practically in charge of the timeline for their night. This job was so important and leading it became pretty tricky for me. Gathering people for just one picture took longer than the shoot itself. I loved learning who everyone was. They were cracking up so many jokes, it was a pleasure to work with them. They made me feel like a part of the famliy.

My favorites from the wedding though were the pictures I took of Adam and Rebecca alone. The lighting was a bit darker, but by the water, no one else was around and it was peaceful. They turned out so romantic!

Here are some lovely details I was able to capture!

Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-4
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-7
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-20
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-14
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-246
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-256
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-264
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-351
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-16
Breidel-Benson Wedding Final-353
Breidel-Benson Wedding FinalDX-6

I loved being able to capture Adam’s and Rebecca’s special day! I wish the best for these two, and I hope they are having a fantastic holiday!

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