2019: Shut Down Third Street

Earlier, back in the fall, my school’s hometown, Winona, was hosting a large event downtown. It was open for anyone to come. Small business owners were selling products, the town’s shops were open, and small bands were even performing! This was the first night I got to see Yam-Haus.

When I think about it, this was one of the best days this school year. I started the day by joining my friend, Abigail (I call her Wren), to Sanborn Camp. This was a special event for Sanborn Canoe Company. They were selling some of their items on special deals, displaying their canoes and paddles they made themselves!

There were some different sessions with speakers (one on photography that I thoroughly enjoyed myself), food trucks, coffee stands, and even dogs coming in and out.

Here is a paddle that Wren designed herself!

Then Wren and I went to check out what the hype on third street was all about. I found us taking pictures of not just the event, but the people surrounding us. Something much more photojournalistic than I thought I had within me.

When Wren had to leave, I actually went back home. I wasn’t planning on going back out, however, until my soon-to-be-roommates for next year, told me to come back. One of their favorite bands, Yam-Haus was performing and they wanted me to experience their music live.

I don’t regret it one bit. The weather was absolutely beautiful that night and the energy was off the roof. I recognized many peers, but the band pumped up everyone and they are beyond talented. I would love to see them live again.

After taking pictures of the event, I would even consider trying concert photography. An entirely different concept, but I loved how these images turned out and it filled me with just as much joy as taking pictures for a wedding. I love my work, and I cannot emphasize that anywhere as much as here on my website.

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