Family Pictures 2019: Simmons

Over the last summer, I got into touch with Camille Simmons, who heard of me from the Brooklyn Park Facebook page. She messaged me and asked about my family session inquiries, and we went forward from there! I am beyond happy she found my services because this gave me the chance to try something new.

I’ve done a couple of small family shots before, but nothing like this. Camille asked me to take family pictures for her full extended family. At the time, I didn’t have my full-frame camera yet, but I was planning to buy it at the end of the summer. Fast-forward: I did get my camera and the pictures I got to take for them turned out better than I could’ve imagined.

I ended up using a new preset I made from a family vacation. I wasn’t planning to, but I was extremely fond of how they turned out.

So many names and friendly faces– I was a little bit lost, but I give big credit to Camille’s family for being patient with me. The kids were amazing too! I couldn’t believe how well-behaved they were.

It was beyond hard trying not to laugh at how cute these three were.


They were such natural posers! I honestly told them to step to the side, not knowing if the background would actually look good, etc, but the three got into the spots, stuck out their hips, and smiled.

Camille’s family was a delight to work with. Everyone was patient as I took turns posing and directing each specific family shot.

I tried to take most of the pictures they wanted as quickly as possible. There were more than fifteen people, and I wanted to make sure I got the pictures they wanted most before the kids felt too tired, or someone had to leave.

Everyone was surprised when it turned out to be a lot warmer for the shoot than we predicted. Hence- this is why everyone’s practically in sweaters. The shoot started in the morning, but by the time it ended it was almost noon and all the family was breaking into a sweat. Later in the woodsy-area, the bugs weren’t nice either. Gnats kept attacking me, and I got more mosquito bites than the last half of my summer. None-of-the-less, the kids stuck it out like champions.

The family even sang a song to get Maverick to smile.

Here are some of my favorites!

Then finally my top favorite candids of this cutie.


Truth be told that after this one shoot- I feel completely prepared for my next family booking and I am beyond excited to create more long-lasting images for families like this. Camille’s family was fantastic to work with, and I’d love to take pictures for them again!

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