Second Shooting 2019 Wedding: Katie & Cody

It’s another wedding second shooting for Forrest Seuser.


Literally the best boss I could ask for, caught me to second shoot for him right before my own wedding, preparing me more for what I need to know. I love these learning experiences I receive. I work my butt off, and let me show you through pictures how WORTH it all is!

Katie and Cody are so cuuuute, oh my gosh. So much emotions in this one! The day started early in the morning. We stopped at the Roots Hair Studio in Lake City, and got to see some of the make-up touches. Katie’s hair was done at Brenda’s Hair Studio.


I get so pumped at the beginning of every wedding I shoot. There’s something about the energy and the anticipation. You know these two people are in love and are about to experience one of the best days of their lives.

Here are some moments of Katie when she first put on her dress!

The boys were goofy. I had to take pictures of them separately at one point, and I was so careful with a list that Forrest had given me.


I remember at one point, one of them asking me “did you get everything done on your list?” That was a yes.


Here are some of my favorites of the boys.

Girls Turn to Shine!

Now seriously, the flower girl and ring bearer were the CUTEST. I absolutely love taking pictures of these two. Golden hour hit their pictures perfectly.


For the last few images I’m going to share: Here are my favorites!


I am beyond thankful to be given every opportunity to second shoot with Forrest. It isn’t taken for granted. He has trusted me from the beginning and I continue to learn so much from his weddings.

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