2019 Wedding: Ty & Melanie

     I cannot describe in words how beautiful this fall wedding was. It was honestly, one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever done because of how the lighting turned out to be + the smiling pretty faces that were so kind and patient with me in this process!

     My bride, Melanie, was actually brought to me through Forrest, who I second shoot with all the time. We were in first contact through a late-night face-time call where she told me about some of her wedding details, including how she wanted pictures with her dog: Venny!

     The wedding party was wonderful to me, treated me like family, and asked questions about my own life. I LOVE when people ask me about my life. I like being able to connect with the people I take pictures of. With wedding clients, I find that I am able to learn much more of what is happening in their lives.

     It was unbelievably crazy, however, how little time this group had with the sunlight. I took some of their pictures within minutes of one another. I had the bridesmaids in a solid line, calling one-by-one to make sure the sun lighting was still gold.

      I can’t forget about some of my favorite pictures of the two alone! These two looked so beautiful together, and their love story was a dream.

     The last thing I wanted to share were the details! This wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the final colors were my favorite thing!

     I’d love to work with this couple and family again! Their patience with me was incredible. I want to share one last picture for funs and laughs that a groomsmen demanded a picture of. 

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