2020 Creative: (Milk) Bath Session

       Before the craziness of quarantine began, my spring break was in full swing and I absolutely NEEDED to try out this concept. I’ve been wanting to do a bath session for months, preferably with milk. Luckily, I was able to get shots in the bathtub’s water and milk!

       You can imagine how much planning I had put into this. The last couple of weeks in school I was searching on Pinterest for ideas, and many shots I found people had used what surrounded their tubs: That was plants.

       But the biggest struggle with beginning this session was figuring out where. The bathtub in my house at Winona doesn’t work 🙁 So, the search began: what bathtub to use. Turns out, I forget my house at my home-town has its own nice jet-like tub. We don’t ever use it due to hot water getting cold quick. However, it came in handy for this creative session, and I even got a good use of my mother’s rubber ducky collection.

      Let’s just throw in some lemons, and limes that just happened to match Gretchen’s bathing suit!

       Finding the right book pages was hard also. You definitely don’t want to rip out your favorite pages of your favorite book!

       Before we drained the water out, I found a recent Lush bath-bomb I had yet to use. I am so glad now I threw it in, we got a few more fun pictures!



We drained the original water, filled it up again, and put some milk powder into it!

… Aaaaaand just a little bit of rose petals 😉

      So many fire shots from this session it’s crazy. I want to share a few different series I made from different viewpoints that ended up being some of my favorites!

      This is definitely going up as one of my all-time favorite sessions. I enjoyed the process of going to Target and Goodwill right before to see if there were any props we could use I didn’t think of. We took a couple of breaks in between, however, because the water was making the room too hot for us to sit through. We had some chips and salsa, which is such a home-y snack I loved it. It really did feel like Spring Break.

      I really hope everyone is staying safe at this time and taking the precautions needed. I am still offering sessions and taking the actions needed to make sure I am extra healthy. Taking more vitamin C, or cleaning, and sanitizing my photography gear… It’s never the right time for a pandemic, but sending prayers for everyone to stay safe!

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