2020 Portfolio Portraits: Sammi Rosendale

       Living in Winona at this time in the summer, still under quarantine, another classmate reached out to me for headshots in her portfolio. Sammi’s dream is to act and sing. Whether it’s on Broadway, or television, it’s going to happen. This girl is insanely talented. She has been a long-term supporter of my art and creativity since high school. I took professional headshots for her portfolio, but I also took some regular portraits of her that I would usually take for seniors in high school. It’s always nice to have personal pictures of yourself to show off and share!

Truly, it felt nice to have this opportunity to take pictures of Sammi. It was right next to having a creative session, which are usually my favorite sessions to be a part of! The best part is that I barely had to call out how to pose her, Sammi was such a natural.


I miss headshots. This last semester before quarantine, I had a student-job working with students at Winona state, taking their headshots in the studio. While it was busy with that + my business, it was so worth it because it really kept me going in a work-mood zone. I’m excited to begin headshots again this Fall! 🙂

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