Denis and Isa’s Wedding

Denis & Isa’s Wedding at Elm Creek Chalet, Minnesota


At Denis and Isa’s wedding, I was pretty blessed with the best of both worlds. This was Isa’s, or my mom’s wedding, so physically, I could not be the photographer when I was in the wedding. Although that did not mean I was not going to bring my camera at Elm Creek for my mom’s best day ever.

I am so stoked to be blogging about this. It was my first time being a bridesmaid, so hence to say, I felt all over the place. I knew how weddings go, but I felt like I was in the wrong place. I was in charge of a slideshow, which Elm Creek’s venue did have some difficulties uploading at first. Luckily, however, that came through, and the staff was super helpful. After that, everything felt super chill. I remember making Tik-Toks with my cousins and being able to talk with old family friends again.

My Request

The one thing I did request from my mom was to take her and Denis outside, possibly during dinner (depending on sunset), for pictures. The photographer Isa hired for majority of the wedding, Kate Wenzel, had a shorter timeline, and she was done before dances started.

So, anyways, let me just show you all some of the magic I created of my mom and her new hubby (Denis and Isa)! When in doubt, always bring the Nikon camera!

The view at Elm Creek was PERFECT on Denis and Isa’s wedding day! My mom and her new husband could not have been more blessed. When the sunset went down, and it was getting dark, my mom and I went back to the ceremony spot!

I truly loved photographing my mom’s wedding because there was no schedule or timeline Denis and Isa gave to me I felt that I needed to look at. All of what I photographed was captured randomly, and for that reason, every thing felt ten times more real.

I got to capture Denis and Isa’s reception and my family dancing. Some of the family’s reactions and expressions melted my heart that I can never forget.

I loved this day.

At first-hand, I watched my mom get married, my grandpa walking her down the aisle, and a good man giving his word to her. I am so happy for her.

A big thanks too for Kelsey Giles! She did my mom’s hair, my sister’s, Alexis hair and mine!

We all truly felt beautiful, and she played a huge part in that.

To this day, many pictures I took at my mom’s wedding are some of my favorites. Not because she is my mom, but because I did feel like many of these images spoke to me. My mom has such a sweet love with Denis, and I wish them the very best! I am incredibly thankful to have been able to capture moments in Denis and Isa’s wedding.

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