3 Ten Event, Minnesota Wedding

Symon and Sophia’s romantic day at The 3 Ten Event Center.

Venue: The 3 Ten Event Venue
Photographer: Natalie Tyler
Dress: Oh My Dress
Video: Summit Hill Studios
DJ: Audeyo Sound
Catering: Arna Farma

Symon and Sophia’s wedding at Minnesota’s venue, 3 Ten Event Center is perfect! This industrial venue with a modern touch had me floored!

I am so lucky to have gotten to photograph such a sweet couple! Symon and I met years ago at a church camp. He posted on Facebook, asking for wedding photographers in Minnesota. I jumped at the opportunity and wrote him a message (sometimes it’s just putting yourself out there). It’s been so long since I’ve talked with him, but I am so happy I just went for it.

I met Sophia later on a Facetime call before the two booked me. My goodness, you guys, all my brides are nice (obviously LOL), but Sophia is sooo sweet. She has such a gentle charisma to her too, Symon and her are one of those “it” couples you know? Her dress was elegant and their venue was very modern and industrial.

Getting Ready

There is so much to love in Symon and Sophia’s getting ready photos! I always recommend having more light for better images, and this venue absolutely killed that!!! I even got some pictures of the guys playing games and goofing around by the bar before everyone left for wedding party pictures!

First Looks

Generally many brides have two first looks! One special first look between the bride and groom, and another with their dads! Symon and Sophia requested for three first looks! The additional one being a first look between Symon and his mom.

My whole heart!!! I love these pictures.

The fall colors of this wedding adds such an awesome pop. Everyone just kept gawking at Sophia, she looked stunning!

Give it up for the bride, Sophia!!!

And Sophia’s bridal party knew how to pose!!! They came, ate, and devoured!!!

Wedding Party


Cue the full wedding party!!!!

Give it up for the men!!!!

The groomsmen had a special request that we got a little creative for! 😉

Up next are a few of my favorites from Symon and Sophia’s family pictures.

The biggest part of every love story is the “I Do.” This moment was so sweet, and 3 Ten’s set up was absolutely gorgeous! This is by far one of my favorite industrial locations.



There is nothing more I appreciate than a good flash picture of wedding cakes and newly wed couples feeding each other!!! LOL.

Surprisingly, I get my best candids following the bride and groom wherever they go. That includes the outside for a smoke break. Not every bride will want that, and that’s okay in the same way it’s even more okay if you do want that captured by me!

Sunset Pictures

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