Twisted Oaks Wedding

Tanner and Abbie’s wedding day at Twisted Oaks Venue in Sauk Centre, Minnesota

September 10, 2022

Venue: Twisted Oaks
Photographer: Natalie Tyler
Groomsmen Attire: Knights Chamber Clothiers
Dress: Bridal Aisle
Hair: Sonja Yeak
Video: Francisco Angel
Second Photographer: Ingrid Christine

Tanner and Abbie’s wedding day at Twisted Oaks was so exciting!!! I want to share a backstory first on how I met the bride and groom, it was kind of too perfect!

Last winter, I worked at Bridal Aisle during the slower wedding season, which is where Abbie found her perfect dress! While I was not her consultant, I ended up meeting Abbie when she was asking about recommended vendors. It was such a steal to be able to work with such a fun couple out of chance like that.

We were quickly in contact, and after a few consultation calls, I photographed their lovely engagement session! This was super nice because it gave me time alone with just the couple to capture their love! I appreciate that Tanner and Abbie wanted to meet in person to plan their timeline. We talked for HOURS, they sent me pictures of Twisted Oaks, and I loved it. So much productivity; we were set for the big day!

Twisted Oaks is a newer venue, so I am stoked I got to be one of its first photographer vendors! I loved the barn-look, and that it also offers neutral white and black backdrops. Hopefully, I get to photograph there again for another wedding in the future!

Tanner and Abbie also hired my friend from college for video! Francisco Angel stayed with me in the cities that weekend so we could carpool. We showed up to Twisted Oaks at the same time, and my second photographer met up with us during details.

I mean look at these detail pictures!!!

twisted oaks details
wedding rings
groom details
bride details
twisted oaks ceremony
twisted oaks sauk centre
twisted oaks venue minneapolis

The boys were ready before we even got to Twisted Oaks! My second photographer captured these special getting ready moments of the guys while I was with the girls downstairs.

getting ready space
getting ready
twisted oaks bridal room
wedding dress details

We got to capture the sweetest father-daughter first look in the most vintage looking space LOL. I loved the diner theme at this venue!

twisted oaks theme
father bride first look
twisted oaks first look

I like photographing in shade, and setting up the first look for Tanner and Abbie was pretty wild because the sunspots were moving EVERYWHERE. Hahah. I saw this arch spot, and I told Abbie about it as soon as I got to the venue that morning. She got so excited because it was where she wanted her first look with her fiance.

It was honestly so funny: Tanner turned around, told her she looked amazing, and Abbie said “I know!” The two had a whole audience watching, everyone laughing at that moment.

bride and groom first look
twisted oaks wedding venue
bride and groom kiss
wedding love

Once the bride and groom see each other, the party really begins!!!

wedding party
groomsmen pictures twisted oaks
bridal portraits
twisted oaks wedding party
bride and groom wedding party
groom pictures
bride and maid of honor pictures
bridal party pictures bouquet
groomsmen party
bride and groom portraits

After wedding party pictures, everyone got to take a break. However, I went back inside to grab my other lenses. I’m so glad I did because I was able to document their certificate signing. My whole heart.

marriage license signing
bride and groom portraits
bride and groom portrait
wedding party signing

And the love story continues…

wedding ceremony tradition
abbie tanner wedding
bride and groom ceremony
wedding ceremony guests
ring bearer ceremony

I actually love big weddings. Tanner and Abbie had a BIG receiving line! I was able to get so many pictures filled with family, friends and guests!

receiving line
family wedding pictures
wedding ceremony guests

Before the big entrance, I had help from various family members to gather everyone for family pictures. The most simple spot turned out to be the best.

wedding family portraits
wedding family
family wedding pictures

These two had such a fun wedding party and spiced up their grand entrance!

wedding grand entrance
bride and groom grand entrance
blurry wedding pictures
bride and groom silly

These were my favorite speeches to photograph yet! I finally had 35 millimeter lens to capture wider angles. Tanner’s and the groomsmen reactions were so goofy, I was practically on my feet the whole time making sure I photographed everything.

wedding speech reactions
speech reactions photography
wedding speeches
mom's wedding speech
wedding reception guests

When I told Tanner and Abbie we should do some golden hour shots, they were so amped. It’s so fun, I have pictures of them literally RUNNING away from the reception and crowds of people to have a moment for themselves. It was truly their moment, they were the main characters!!!

minneapolis wedding
black and white bride and groom portraits
bride and groom sunset
bride and groom minneapolis
bride and groom sunset
golden hour wedding
grainy wedding pictures
black and white wedding portraits
black and white grain wedding

And don’t think I’d forget to share the first dances!!

mother son dance
father daughter dance
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom portrait dance

Congratulations Tanner and Abbie!!! I was able to second photograph plenty this season, but these two were my first couple to start the season on lead photographer. Cue the long drives to pretty venues, like Twisted Oaks, in the middle of nowhere, to document all the love for a beautiful couple that will have pictures now to last forever! I love my job, and I cannot even express how content I was to have been a part of Tanner and Abbie’s wedding day. Biggest honor ever!!!!

twisted oaks barn

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