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              Hi friends! My name is Natalie, and I am a lifestyle photographer based out of Winona and Champlin, Minnesota.


            +During my down-time, I’m probably either taking an online class or watching dance videos.

            +I am a huge extrovert, and I love my friends.

            +My astrological sun sign is a Taurus and I’m an Aries moon and rising (Yes, I am into that).

            +I’m a little overdramatic when my Cheez-its run out.

            +Pineapples are my thing

            +Nothing makes me laugh harder than listening to the Kardasim Podcasts.

            +I enjoy writing creatively: fictional stories, poems and journaling opinion articles.

            +Some of my dreams include publishing a book, creating book covers with my photography or editing, or taking dance classes when I book destination sessions.


              While my work here specializes in portraits, I also enjoy photojournalism assignments and print orders. I take landscape and abstract photographs when I am on vacation and I enjoy editing them back at home. I sell them each as handmade cards.


              The goal of my photography is to capture moments. I want to preserve sweet memories photographs will never let you forget. One of the biggest reasons why I love photography is the real and raw emotions. I want to catch the tears when you’re getting married, the smile when you’re graduating, and laughs with your friends or family. I love seeing people live their lives and true stories unfolding. Seeing people become more comfortable in front of the camera makes my day! I love watching them have fun and their confidence grows. I want to make sure everyone has their own individualized experience with my images.


              This is your photoshoot and your photographs to keep forever. I’ve been photographing for six years now, and every time I take pictures, I still get just as excited as the first day I bought my first camera. I’ve always loved taking pictures even if it was on my phone. I haven’t set it down. If you’re looking for someone to take dreamy pictures of you, you’ve found the right place. I treasure my Nikon cameras, like their my own children.


               I know that everything in life is worth remembering. Let me capture those special moments in your life. You can contact me for a session inquiry here.



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