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Not every documentation is picture-perfect. All of my sessions have a different story, another point of view people cannot see through pictures themselves.

When I am not photographing, I am writing. I want my blog here to be honest and true to what was happening on the day. I try to share every story that I can because everyone I get to capture is special to me, and helps me grow as a storyteller. 

Love stories, the real & raw happenings of your documentation

Welcome to the blog

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I am not trying to be dramatic when I say that it feels like years since I’ve gotten to blog on my website. There have been some travel blogs that I had been behind on and I never got to share. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of events this summer that have kept me […]

Senior 2020: Laura

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I took these images in 2017 for Wesley Holm’s senior shoot. It was done at Uptown where we walked through a couple of streets, and I managed to capture some really cool shots. Wesley is the same age as I am, and we go to the same university currently. He has a passion for the […]

Senior 2017: Wesley Holm

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